It’s easy to put off retirement planning, especially if the event is many years away. But the earlier you start planning, the longer and more enjoyable your retirement may be. Do you already have a retirement plan? When can you retire? Will you have enough money to enjoy your retirement? We can help you determine if you are still on track.


Walnut Capital Management can provide you with full access to professional trust expertise. Safeguarding your assets for future generations and providing a thoughtful and meaningful legacy are part of the estate planning process. Together your Walnut Capital Management Team and Charles Schwab can provide you investment management capabilities and trust expertise.



Inheritances are often received during a time when emotions are running high. There are many factors to consider when deciding how an inheritance should be used and making the wrong decision can have long lasting effects, both financially and emotionally. Walnut Capital Management’s experienced financial advisors can help you make the decisions that are right for you.


With a firm understanding of your objectives, we will design a plan that lets you sleep at night. We work with you to identify your risk tolerance and recommend a portfolio model to help you achieve specific financial goals, from your working years, straight through to retirement. We believe in transparency, logic and diversification.



You’ve worked hard for your business. You’ve put in the hours, taken the risks, made the investments and reaped the rewards but selling your business is something you should not do alone. After spending considerable time and effort building your business, you owe it to yourself to hire a team of professionals that really understand the sales process and have traveled these roads many times before. Having an attorney, an accountant, a business broker, a business generalist and a financial advisor on your team will help you get the most out of the sale.


Do you have any charitable vehicles in place, such as a private foundation or donor-advised fund? Donor advised funds offer a flexible alternative to meet your charitable giving goals. They allow for simple, strategic and tax smart charitable giving at your own pace. Charitable giving has traditionally been reserved for the holiday season and approaching tax deadlines. These deadlines can lead to hasty decisions. Talk to us about your charitable planning needs. We can help you prepare.



Divorce brings many changes, both personally and financially. Initially, these changes can feel overwhelming but embracing them can help lead you to a bright new future. Meeting with your financial advisor is an important step in planning for your new life. Now that you are planning for your financial future, you will want a financial strategy that allows you to live well and to pursue your goals.

Walnut Capital Management and SignalPoint Asset Management do not render legal, accounting or tax advice. Please consult your tax or legal advisors before taking any action that may have tax consequences. Walnut Capital Management’s investment advisory services are offered through SignalPoint Asset Management, an SEC registered investment advisor. Information contained here is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered investment advice.