Jay Handy - Walnut Capital Management | Retirement Investments
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Jay Handy

Managing Partner

Harvard Business School
Michigan State University
Merrill Lynch, 1987-2007
Formed Walnut Capital Management, 2007-present

Jay has been deeply involved in the national diabetes community for 30 years while he has been managing the condition himself for 40 years. Many of his clients come from this community from around the world. While Jay is passionate about finding a cure for this condition, he is equally interested in having people with diabetes and others live a financially low-stress life.

Jay’s diabetes-related activities over the years have included:

  • Former National Head Coach, JDRF Ride to Cure, raising millions of dollars for the cause
  • Board Member of the College Diabetes Network- helping college-aged students with diabetes adjust to the college environment
  • Insulete- working with a startup company that is attempting to cure diabetes through gene therapy as their business advisor
  • Idea 2000- Part of the team of 8 diabetics atop of Mt. Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas
  • Ironman- 4-time finisher and one of the first 5 diabetics in the world to finish an Ironman in 2003

Locally, Jay spends many hours working with families of the newly diagnosed, helping them embrace this new change and challenge in their lives.